About Us

About Us

100% Facts

Some Facts About Us

  • Above Ground Production LLC Is Bringing Video Production to the Next level with the use of Fpv Drones, We provide are valued clients with a whole new experience & a different perspective of their business , event’s & real estate location’s .


  • Fpv Drones or First Person View (FPVdrones are not like any other store bought drone with a Gps on them they are hand built by the pilots & we wear goggles on are face hens the name (FPV) so its like were sitting in the cockpit of a fighter jet flying around and are in full control of the kwad able to do flips & rolls there’s no auto level or self flying features on these guys!


  • We have a Team of Top LIC Part:107 Pilots , Editors & Camera men as well as Web Designers / Online Marketers All working together to make Your Dream Video’s Come True ! We are mostly know for our really good Fpv Drone Flights but we offer a range of services !!! We really enjoy making 1 min Commercials for Companies & Cinematic Type films!

Hard Rock Guitar Hotel All Lit up with LEDS Seminoles colors


Our Skills

Our Team takes skills to the Next Level , from a story idea and design to executing the plan to editing the final product. We believe no matter what that our skills are very important in the future of filmmaking and video production, as New FPV Tech & Traditions develop we are incorporating these skills within our new story telling innovations. All our projects incorporate a unique artistic magical like edit and a functional story solutions to what you and your business does.

Our Work Percentage Break Down


Story Design








Pure Awesomeness


Our Award Winning Team

ThatFlyinRyan Playing Jenga on the beach

  Ryan “ThatFlyinRyan” Stager



Fpv Drone Pilot / Commercial Filmmaker & Editor !

Justin Namon Who Fpv

Justin “Who Fpv” Namon

Creative Director / Producer 

 Lic : Part 107 Drone Pilot


Best Indoor Cinematic FPV Drone Pilot !

Damion Live taking Video

“Damion live”

Producer/Dj & Film Maker/ Editor

Dji Drone Pilot


As Well as a Ground Cam Guy !

Westpsyde Fpv

Chris “westpsyde” Teal

One Heck Of an Editor 


  2020 GoPro Million Dollar Challenge Winner !!!



Videographer / Under water Filmmaker


 Producer / Dji Drone Pilot !

Properly Duct Fpv

Scott “Properly Duct” Wilson

Long Range & Freestyle Fpv Drone Pilot


Lic Insurance Broker !

Verjan Fpv

Jan “VerJan Fpv” Verhaeren

Base Jumping / Extreme Sport Fpv Drone Pilot 


 Lic : Part 107 Drone Pilot 

2019 GoPro Million Dollar Challenge Winner !!!

Sdot Productions

Corey “S Dot” Sewell

 Music Video Producer / Editor 


Master After Effects Guy  

Corey Has worked With Some of the Biggest 

Names in the Hip Hop Industry Todate !

Hantz Fpv

Hantz “Hantz Fpv” Pierre

Lic : Part 107 Drone Pilot 


Our WebSite Developer !


Our   Timeline

Our History From Start to Present Time

summer of 2019

Came Up with The Business Name

We thought of many different names but the one that stuck was “Above Ground Productions”

August 2019

Formed The LLC

We Bought Our Domain and LLC

November 2019

Our 1st Paid Gig

We finally got our 1st paid gig after doing many proofs of concepts putting in time to Craft, Develop, Refine and perfect our skills at This.


Feb 2020

We started working with Ferrari Of Fort Lauderdale / Maserati & Alfa Romeo Of Fort Lauderdale

We Are very happy to accomplish this as this has been a Goal Since the company started !

Feb-March 2020

Corona Virus Has Hit Us in The Usa.

Almost Taking Us out of Business!


About The Founder

NYC Along The River Holding Phone Under Queens Bridge

Ryan Stager – Founder & CEO

Ryan Started Flyin Fpv Drones in December Of 2015 Before That He Flew 3D Collective Pitch  Heli’s For a Few Years, While Having a Trade & Many Degrees In HVACR Ryan Found Flying Drones And Making Videos for people, Along With Traveling to meet New friends all over the country for FPV drone events is what Really made him Happy and they say if you do what you love you will never work A DAY in your Life Right ? Fast forward to Summer of 2019 Ryan came up with the idea to Help Brands & Business With the Fpv drones Locally no he’s not the 1st to Think of  this but The 1st for his market as this would bring great opportunity to him So He decided to Follow his dreams Established A TEAM & Founded AboveGroundProductions LLC !