Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is where we answer the most common questions our prospective customers might have.



Are we Insured ?

Yes we actually have a few different forms of insurance.



Are we Licensed ?

Yes, we have a Team of Award Winning FAA PART 107 licensed Pilots.



What Happens if are drone hit something or some one ?

We have a wide range of drone’s but the drone’s we utilize the most are Human Friendly and Object Friendly Meaning they can Bump into you and will not hurt you because they have ducts around the props to protect the props .




What Is our Turn Around Time From Filming To A Finished Video?

Between 10 – 30 Days



How Long Have We Been Flying Fpv Drones For ?

Every one on the “AGP” Team verys in Range of Years Flying FPV we All Have over 2 years Experience Flying Tho & Up to 5 Years Experience.



What’s The Smallest Fpv Drone we Have?

Hold BOTH your Hands out in Front of , Now you SEE the Palms of your Hands About The size of that !