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Our Team

Ryan Stager

Pilot , Filmer & Editor 
8yrs EXP

Justin Namon

Creative Director
Pilot & Master OneTake
 Story Teller 
8yrs EXP

Mike Wech

Hollywood Show Runner, Producer & Director
The Back Bone who make's the big stuff happen
35yrs EXP

Asick Drones 

Pilot / SFX Make Up Artist
8yrs Exp Flying
20yrs  plus special effects make up

Damion Live 
"The Magic Man"

FIlmer & Master Editor / DJ

Jillian Jacobson

Social Media 
Advertising Expert 

About Us

Above Ground Productions or "AGP"  Team brings your vision to a reality  by bringing you an alternative with a cool uni​que perspective as well as a very high end appeal for Business Locations ,High End Real Estate Properties and Events.  Our projects incorporate a very unique artistic one take flow like motion producing an eye grabbing Story telling solution for your brand. The final goal is to illustrate your values and individuality through our story designs. We also do  Roofing inspections as well and the Goal is to show their real value from all angles above. 

We specialize in One take Fly throughs with Custom built FPV DRONES
Fpv Drones or First Person View (FPV) drones are not like any other store bought drone with a Gps on them they are hand built by the pilots & we wear goggles on are face hens the name (FPV) so its like where sitting in the cockpit of a fighter jet flying around and are in full control of the kwad able to do flips & rolls there’s no auto level or self flying features on these guys and YOUR imagination is the limits with these Drones!  but can have a full blow commercial produced for you as well as scripting/writing , ground footage and editing.
We strive to provide the best solution where we can address each and every view from an aerial, ground exterior shot as well as a interior perspective. We  can also have a full high end commercial produced for you as well as scripting/writing , ground footage and editing.

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